Akuri/Parsi Style Scrambled Eggs

Akuri/Parsi Style Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs for breakfast is a staple in every home. It is an easy and perfect way to help fuel your day. Eggs are a good source of protein and will keep you satisfied until lunchtime.Akuri/Parsi style scrambled eggs is one way you transform a classic breakfast into something even more delicious and flavorful. I don’t eat scrambled eggs often-but whenever I make it, love to have it over crispy bread toast. Growing up we often have scrambled eggs for lunch. Kerala style scrambled egg/ mutta chikkiyathu is slightly browned and crispy with onions, coconut, and curry leaves.

 Akuri is a traditional Parsi egg recipe. Parsi’s in India has a rich culinary tradition with unique recipes. They are the descents of Persian Zoroastrians. Their recipes show a strong Persian and Iranian influence and at the same time adapting to local Indian, especially Gujarati cuisine. Akuri is a Parsi breakfast. It is a soft and fluffy egg scramble which is neither runny nor overcooked. The best way to cook it at a medium-low temperature for a soft custard scramble. Since this is not towards the runny side, it can be a perfect filling for a spicy egg sandwich or a wrap filling. There is also another version of Akuri which contains nuts and dried fruits. Give this recipe a try, you will surely love it.

Akuri/Parsi Style Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Onion- 1 medium
Shallot-2 finely chopped
Tomato- 1
Green chilly- 2
Ginger finely chopped- 1 tbs
Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp
Chilly powder- 1/2 tsp
Cumin powder- 1/4 tsp
Garam masala- a pinch
Coriander leaves chopped- 2-3 tbs
Cream- 1/4 cup
(or you can use milk)
Ghee or butter- 2 tsp
Salt and pepper to taste

Whip egg and cream till light and fluffy. Season with salt and pepper.
 Finely chop onion, shallots, ginger, and tomatoes.
 Heat a pan and add ghee or butter. Add chopped onion, shallots, green chilly and ginger. Saute till translucent. Add spice powders and tomatoes and give a good mix. Cook for two minutes till tomatoes are soft. Pour the egg mixture and let it set for one minute. Using a spatula gently scramble by lifting and folding the egg mixture. Cook until it thickens and there is no egg liquid visible. Turn off the heat at this stage to prevent overcooking. Serve with crispy bread toast.

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