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BBQ Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

BBQ Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Hello ASG friends!  I have been a bit M.I.A. lately.  A lot has gone on in the last month and half.

My daddy passed away on 7.18.19 at 6:47pm.  I know it not rational but I thought my dad would live forever.   It has been super surreal but at the same time, I am lucky that he has given me numerous signs that he doing well.  He is now in heaven.  I will always miss and love my daddy.

I had this post photographed at the beginning of July and it just sat stored in my draft posts.  Slowly I am realizing our new normal with out my daddy.  It has been hard on my mom, but she is such a resilient person and is surrounded by our close family, so we are all supporting each other.  Taking one day at a time, enjoying each day and remembering all of the good times is the best medicine.

I whipped up this super easy appetizer that has a touch point on all of the senses – hearty, salty, crunchy, smoky, sweet and a magnet to your eye with the textures.   


Makes 12

12 jumbo shrimp (deveined)

1/3 cup BBQ sauce

4 crispy strips of bacon

1/3 cup crushed potato chips 

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2 tablespoon minced flat leaf parsley


Cook the slices of bacon until crispy and let cool.  Over a small bowl break the bacon into small pieces and add the crushed potato chips.  Toss and set aside.

Prepare the jumbo shrimp by deveining and pat dry with a paper towel.  Preheat an indoor or outdoor grill.  Brush each shrimp with BBQ sauce using a pastry brush and place on grill.  Grill the shrimp over direct, medium heat for 5 to 7 minutes, turning the shrimp halfway through the process.  Be careful not to overcook the shrimp or else it will become tough.

Place onto a platter and drizzle a bit more BBQ sauce over each jumbo shrimp and then sprinkle the bacon potato chip topping on each.   ENJOY!

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