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Goat Cheese and Radish Crostini

Goat Cheese and Radish Crostini

I got the light just right.  Yeah!  I am practicing a new set up to take my food photo shots – in my living room.  I have two large windows that I raise the blinds and reposition the furniture to set up my board and props.  Last weekend we had rain off and on, which then darkened the sky.  A dark sky is not good for photoshoots. Luckily for me, the rain passed and the light returned.

On a recent trip to Wholefoods, I found these beautiful radishes and thought what can I make with them.  As I popped them into my basket, I strolled down to the wall of cheese and spied a nice block of Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese, then my appetizer idea came to life.

The goat cheese has floral notes, herbaceous overtones and a clean citrus finish along with a distinct creamy texture.  With the spicy bite of the radish, the two compliment each other nicely.  I grilled the crostini to add a smoky element.  A quick drizzle of olive oil, a pinch of salt and a topping of fresh micro greens simply finishes this elegant yet easy appetizer.  Perfect to enjoy with a glass of chardonnay.


Makes 12

12 Slices of Sourdough Baguette

3 to 4 Radishes, thinly sliced

Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese

Olive Oil


Salt Pepper

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Grilled Crostini

Slice off 12 half inch slices from the baguette.  Brush each side lightly with olive oil.  Place onto grill or grill pan.  Cook over medium heat and continue to rotate until lightly charred and golden brown. Sprinkle with salt.  Let cool.


Spread about a tablespoon or two of the Humboldt fog goat cheese over each crostini.  Place 3 to 4 slices of the radish over the goat cheese. Drizzle with a touch of olive oil, sprinkle a touch of salt and pepper then garnish with the micro greens.  Enjoy!!!

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