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Beetroot Pickle

Beetroot Pickle

Beetroot Pickle

Beetroot pickle is a delicious condiment. I tried pickled beets in salads. Beetroot has its own depth of flavor and this pickle with its spicy, tart and sweet taste makes it a perfect accompaniment with rice, parthas. I found this as an interesting combo with biryani too.If you like beets try this recipe, you will surely love it.

Beetroot- 3 medium sized
Ginger- 2 inch thick piece
Garlic- 6-8 cloves
Green Chilly- 3-4(optional)
Curry leaves a few
Mustard- 1/2 tsp
Chilly powder-3 tsp
(adjust according to your taste)
Fenugreek powder- 1/2 tsp
Asofetida-1/3 tsp
Salt as needed
Jaggery- one small piece
(or sugar- 2 tsp)
Vinegar-1/4 cup
Gingerly oil-  1/2 cup

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Cut beetroot into small cubes into small pieces.
Heat half of the oil in a pan and add mustard seeds. When they splutter
add sliced ginger,garlic,curry leaves and green chilly and saute till the raw flavor disappears.Add beetroot and salt and stir fry till the beets become soft and the raw earthy flavor of the beets disappears.
In a separate pan add the rest of the oil. When hot add the spice powders and cook in a low flame. Add this to the beet.Mix powdered jaggery and vinegar.Allow to cool and transfer into air tight jar.

Try this
Hope you will all enjoy!

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