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Chakka Puttu- Steamed Jack fruit Puttu

Chakka Puttu- Steamed Jack fruit Puttu

Jack fruit Puttu- Chakka Puttu

Puttu is a traditional breakfast of Kerala. Steamed puttu- rice cake- with kadala Curry/black chickpeas curry is a favorite combo and it is healthy. Chakka puttu or jack fruit is not something we make often. It is because the jack fruit is seasonal. So whenever jack fruit is available we make this type of puttu. Have you ever tried jack fruit puttu? Well, you’re in for a tasty and healthy treat! It is a great way to start your day!

Jack fruit puttu invokes childhood memories. Mornings often start with the inviting aroma of steamed puttu and curry. So imagine waking up to the sweet aroma of steamed jack fruit rice cakes. Jack fruit has a distinctively strong fruity aroma and is naturally sweet. It adds sweetness to the puttu. You do not need any curry to eat this puttu. Steamed jack fruit becomes soft, infusing the puttu with its unique flavor. Gently mash and mix and just enjoy your breakfast treat.

Why Jack fruit is good for you?

Jack fruits are summer fruit and are common in south India. This huge exotic fruit gives you the real taste of the tropics. It is sustainable food and a great source of nourishment for people living in tropical countries. The young or tender jack fruit is used for savory dishes and the ripe sweet fruit for desserts. Recently jack fruit has gained much interest as a plant-based meat alternative. It is starchy and rich in fiber, antioxidants. Studies have shown that it provides your daily dose of vitamin A and C, magnesium and potassium. It boosts your immune system, heart health and is good for skin and hair. You can find it in specialty markets, such as Whole Foods or Asian stores.

Puttu and its different variations 

As I have mentioned above puttu is a traditional breakfast of Kerala. It is a steamed rice cake and a healthy breakfast. Puttu is usually made with roasted rice flour and grated coconut. It is then cooked in a puttu kutti or a steamer. You can make puttu with rice flour, wheat flour, tapioca flour, semolina, ragi flour or oats. The main tastemaker in puttu is freshly grated coconut. Other fillings include ripe plantains, jack fruit, mango, savory fillings like chicken or fish masala.

How to make Chakka puttu

Cooking time- 15 minutes
Recipe type- Breakfast
Cuisine- Kerala

Rice flour (puttu podi)- 2 cup
Jack fruit- 10 -12 pieces
Coconut grated – 1 cup
Sugar- 2 tsp
salt- 1/3 tsp
Cumin seeds- -5-8 (optional)
water as needed

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Chop the jack fruit pieces into small cubes and keep aside.
Take rice flour in a bowl and rub in grated coconut about 3/4 cup using your palm. Keep the rest of the coconut for later use.
Mix sugar and salt in 1/3 cup of water and sprinkle it little by little into the flour and blend in. The mixture should not form a dough but a course damp mixture without lumps. It should resemble wet sand. To check whether the moisture is even,  take a handful of the mixture and press to form of balls. It should hold together and also easily break off when crumbled. If it is still dry sprinkle little more water and mix. Add half of the chopped jack fruit and mix. Keep this mixture covered as it tends to dry out. If it dries out just sprinkle more water
Take the puttu maker and fill the bottom layer with a teaspoon of grated coconut and then with the jack fruit pieces. Fill in with the moist flour and finally top with another layer of jack fruit pieces and grated coconut. Bring three cups of water to boil in the pressure cooker and place the steamer carefully in the nozzle and allow it to cook. Let it steam for around four to five minutes till you see steam escaping from all sides on the top. Serve warm with tea or coffee.

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