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Varutharacha Kanava Curry

Varutharacha Kanava Curry

Varutharacha Kanava Curry

Kanava /Koonthal/ squid is a yummy sea food delicacy and can be prepared in different ways. In Kerala we make roast or curry with kanava/squid. It can be prepared like regular fish curry with kudampuli. This is also a traditional version; varutharacha kanava curry and is made with roasted coconut.The gravy or masala has a distinct aroma and enhances the
taste of the curry. Try this you will surely love it.

Kanava-1 lb
(I used 2 medium sized squid)
Onion- 1
Ginger- 1 inch thick
Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
Kudam puli- 2 pieces
Pepper powder- 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste

To roast and grind
Coconut-1 cup 
Pearl onions-5-6
Fenugreek seeds – a few
Dry red chilly- 3
Coriander seeds- 1 tbs

mustard seeds- 1/2 tsp
Pearl onion sliced-1
curry leaves

In a pan add one tbs of oil and add grated coconut, sliced shallots, dry red chilly , coriander seeds and
fenugreek seeds. Roast this in
medium heat till it turns brown. Add  chopped tomato and  stir fry till it tuns soft and oil separates. When it cools down blend into a
fine paste.

Clean kanava and cut them into small strip or cubes. Mix with turmeric powder, sliced onion,chopped ginger, pepper powder,  salt and mix well .  Add kudam puli and one cup of water, cover and cook for five to six minutes.When it is cooked and soft pour in the roasted coconut paste and mix.
Adjust consistency by adding enough water. Simmer in low flame for two  to three
minutes and switch off the flame.

In another pan add mustard seeds and when they splutter add one sliced pearl
onion and  curry leaves. When it becomes crispy pour over the curry.Serve with rice.

Tru this,
Hope you will all enjoy!

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